The exhibition

The next exhibition will be held in Paris-Nord Villepinte, from October 5th to 7th, 2019

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Save the date: Next Parisian edition the 5th, 6th and 7th of October 2019 in Hall 8 at Paris-Nord Villepinte


Vapexpo is THE reference, the ideal place to promote products and materials, to meet national and international actors.

Since its first edition in Bordeaux in March 2014, VAPEXPO confirmed its leading position in the International Trade Shows organization dedicated to vape and its actors.
E-liquid and equipment manufacturers, modders, wholesalers, shops managers, health professionals, reviewers… the whole world of vape meets at VAPEXPO!
Patrick Bédué, president and founder of VAPEXPO, passionate since ever, and all his team are looking forward to meeting you for the 11th edition of VAPEXPO!
Meet us at Paris-Nord Villepinte on the 5th, 6th and 7th of October 2019. The show will enable the entire professional sector to meet the manufacturers, to share, to taste and to be aware of the news.


Real link between the equipment manufacturers and the customers, the Vapexpo exhibitions were born to federate our community around the same passion: the Vape.

We are determined to make Vapexpo a special place of meetings for equipment manufacturers and customers of the entire world. Our exhibitions are organized around exchange and mutual entrepreneurial support to expand new companies and small ones.
We wish to contribute to the economic growth of a new increasing employment market by highlighting new consumption habits thanks to the help of vape associations and opinion leaders’ supports.
The vape is not only a business, It’s also and especially a “public utility” service. This is why Vapexpo has produced a French documentary called “Beyond the Cloud” which decrypts the phenomenon by observing what is changing in our society.

For the large public and the professionals

Loyal to the same formula since the beginning, Vapexpo welcome the large public and the professionals during these two annual national editions, in Paris and in province.

For each edition, we welcome the large public visitors as well as the professionals visitors. For this upcoming edition, we will dedicate two days out of three to the professionals and the press.
This decision to mix admissions is very appreciated by our exhibitors: they see in this system a double opportunity to meet their final consumers, but also the professionals of the market to increase their business.
The Vapexpo exhibitions are also exported abroad in order to reach a new public : , Madrid in June 2019 and Las Vegas in november 2019.


Sensitive to ecology and aware of the amount of waste generated by our events, Vapexpo committed to a pro-sustainable development approach.

We set up several actions to reduce waste and consumption related to the organization of our shows. For instance, our carpet is fully recyclable and our partitions are reusable just like the brushed cotton that covers them. Moreover, we provide recycling trash and tend to gradually decrease the use of paper and lanyard. For the next edition, the general public badges will be replaced by an ink pad : our visitors no longer need to print their tickets, thus including no more PVC badge holder and lanyards that come along.
The free bag distributed at the entrance is made out of eco-friendly fabric, as well as the staff’s outfits and the new articles we are going to sell at our shop.

The exhibition is for electronic cigarette professionals, project holders and electronic cigarette users. We do not encourage non-smokers to use E-cig products. Minors (under 18) are not allowed to enter the exhibition, even accompanied.